Born in Madrid, Spain. Álvaro starts his photographic career at a very young age focusing on documenting the people, their different lifestyles and the culture back in his hometown. After finishing his universitary degrees on both Media Communication and Advertising he decides to move to London, where he founds, through the Metropoli influences, the wide possibilities the Fashion Industry offers to tell stories at the hand of imagery creation and the creative process involved within it. Is at this moment when he decides to get specialized in this niche of commercial photography, and for it, he complements his education on Fashion Photography at UAL's Central Saint Martins.

From there on and until the end of 2018 he works with a broad quantity of British and international clients (designers, brands, trend agencies, advertising agencies and model agencies) carrying a diverse number of assignments from full magazine editorial creations up to street hunting the different trends during London Fashion Weeks AW & SS on 2017 and 2018...

Actually based in Barcelona, Spain from where he travels for all type of international assignments to cities such as London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam or Berlin.

Based on the philosophy that photography is just a small part of the final results, he is always in contact with the best creative professionals of the international fashion industry so he can always arrange a tailor-made and totally customized service. For him is really important to involve the clients from the very beginning and during the full duration of the process so he can deliver absolutely breathtaking, engaging and beautiful stories.